UFR Presents Black Friday: A Short film On Bringing Mental Health Awareness To The Forefront Of The Black Community

A short film following Rwenshaun Miller & his fight to bring Mental Health Awareness to the forefront of the black community. Armed with his non-profit Eustress Inc, Rwenshaun takes us back to his native town in Bertie County. Where he & four young activists, spark an intimate conversation on the ills of mental health. #LetsTalkAboutIt

Livingstone College addresses mental health in its holistic approach to education

SALISBURY — Livingstone College speaker Rwenshaun Miller recently provoked thoughts about the almost taboo topic of mental health.

The typical chatter of students was quickly silenced with opening questions from Miller during an assembly on March 8. After surveying the audience regarding the various ways people cope with stress, Miller used his personal story to address the issue of mental health.

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