Bipolar Disorder?

As the sedative begins to wear off, I find myself in a padded room, strapped in a attempting to figure out how I go to this point in my life. I glance at my family as they show expressions of concern. Unfortunately, the expressions did not include much hope, as they have never seen me so vulnerable.

Explanations from my mother and cousin of my recent behaviors were accompanied by “he was just not himself” and “I could tell something was wrong and something has been wrong for a while now”.

Prior to the medication, “I want it to stop” muffled by deep breaths and tears summed up my contribution to the initial evaluation.

I recall multiple telephone conversations with my mother as she constantly asked, “what is wrong?” and my symptoms but you mean to tell me that other people have experienced this before and there is a title for this condition?


Bi-Polar Disorder….

This was my introduction to the clinical term that describes what I have been experiencing for some time. It was new but it was also terrifying because I was not sure what it meant.

What does this mean for me in the future? I have to see a therapist? They can’t help me!

Does this certify that I am “crazy”?   PLEASE don’t tell anyone else that I’m crazy!


Bipolar Disorder is defined as a mental health disorder that is commonly referred to as manic depression. Three modes, each with distinctive features; Manic, Hypomanic, and Major Depressive episodes can categorize this disorder. (I will expound on these in later posts) Treatment for Bipolar Disorder involves medication and psychotherapy.

Welp, that’s it!   It’s official! I have been diagnosed, but what now?