Initial Symptoms

Hallucinations...Hearing Voices. Seeing things that are not really there. No, I was not seeing aliens or talking to an imaginary playmate. No, I was not walking around with a tin foil cap on my head, thinking that some strange creatures were trying to steal my thoughts.

I considered myself a “normal” kid, who possessed ambition to do something great with my life; not only to make my family and community proud, but to also create something positive for others. But now this…

Is this what it means to “go crazy”? I used to joke with and about people that “normal” people would consider a little off, but this is not supposed to happen to me. Right? I’ve been normal all of my life (19 years at the time).

Maybe if I just sit here and ride it out, it will go away. People will never know that I hear voices or see things and I can play it off as still being “normal”. I should just keep this to myself. No real need to be alarmed.   Yep, that’s what I will do…just ride it out.

But how long will this last? How long can I stay “strong”?