“Nothing is wrong with me!”

Fear. Ego. Ignorance. Stigma. Those were the things that made me “believe” that I didn’t have a problem when nothing in my life seemed to be going right. I constantly told myself “this can’t be life”. Unable to concentrate on any one thing, I sat in the same spot for hours. Feeling alone. Feeling confused. Feeling that no one could understand what I was going through and that no one really cared. Frustrations increased as those who attempted to lend a helping hand were ineffective, while alcohol and other drugs enabled me to momentarily ease the pain by altering my state of mind…reinforcing the belief that “Nothing is wrong with me!”. However, this was a lie.

Fear. Ego. Ignorance. Stigma.

Psychological disorders are not new and affect millions on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these four characteristics result in stories similar to the one I described above.

Fear…of the hit that my ego may experience when I admit that something is wrong. Leaving me vulnerable for others to make assumptions based on stigmas associated with psychological disorders that are mainly rooted from ignorance.

Ego…controlled many of my actions that would not allow me to succumb to fear my symptoms and promoted my ignorance by not educating myself about my experiences.

Ignorance…about how many people deal with many of the same issues, but many think that psychological disorders only affect certain populations.

Stigma…on who should seek and receive help.

These factors contributed to the wait I endured before seeking help. I learned that mental health issues must be acknowledged first and then addressed with the necessary treatment.  Unfortunately, some people never acknowledge their issue and never receive treatment before something drastic happens. I choose to share my experiences with hopes of preventing this fate for at least one person.