I am not an expert on finances, and I often look to my friend, Stefon of Finessin’ Finances, for advice when it comes to managing money. But I have learned over the years that when we get paid, we often neglect to pay the most important person first. Ourselves. Not saying that you should completely ignore your mortgage or your light bill, but you should set aside something for yourself, first. This lesson always stuck with me (don’t ask how often I do it though) and I had to translate it to my mental health.

When you get up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?

For some of you, it may get your kids ready for the day, take care of your spouse, or in my case walk the dog (she will wake me up to take her for a walk). Ultimately, this starts the day of doing and giving yourself to others. Many times we say, “I will (insert your self-care activity; gym, reading, writing, etc.) after work.”

Well for some of us, we may never get off of work because that activity never happens because things pop up or you are just too tired. But similar to paying the most important person first, why not make a mental health deposit to yourself first on a daily basis.

This may not be an easy task because you like to get every second of sleep before you have to get up be out of the door in 2 minutes but at least try. It doesn’t take much.

Just get up a little earlier. Maybe 10 minutes before your regularly scheduled time, and do something for yourself.

This could be meditating, exercising, reading, or whatever. BUT do something for you before you start doing for others. See how this changes your day.

How will you pay your mental self first?

Rwenshaun Miller