'The Look' and 'I Am A Person, Too'

Advertisements with cultural relevance to some of my shared experiences as a black man are important to me and so many other black men.

Last week I found so much appreciation in watching P&G’s newest ad #TheLook. Beautifully done in collaboration with Saturday Morning, Anthony Mandler and Malik Sayeed, the 1 minute and 45 second film sparks dialogue about racial bias by showcasing what the looks we (Black Men) receive as we navigate various spaces in America.

Click to watch the film Source: TalkAboutBias.com

Click to watch the film
Source: TalkAboutBias.com

Let’s not forget that along with that racial bias comes emotional distress that significantly impacts our mental health as well. 

As we transition from Men’s Health Month (June) to Minority Mental Health Month (July), remember that we are so much more than what you see. We experience various feelings and emotions, and our mental wellness is essential too.

As I strip these stereotypes and masks, let’s revisit this visual representation created last year to remind everyone that we (Black Men) are a people also.

How will you address this issue as we promote men to remove their masks, understand that it is okay to be vulnerable, and heal?

Rwenshaun Miller