17 Top Black Influencers You Should Partner With In 2018

For a demographic that has a consumer buying power of $1.3T by the end of 2017, there still seems to be a huge gap or disparity with the representation of Black Influencers in various industries.

Sure, there are “levels to this,” but as Black American culture continues to set the trends in fashion, music, and other popular culture, why aren’t brands as eager to work with Black Influencers as much as our other brothers and sisters?

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BHS alumnus authors book, brings it home to Bertie

On Sept. 9, Rwenshaun Miller—a 2005 BHS graduate and a Class of 2009 UNC-CH alumnus—brought his first book back home, making sure that Bertie County citizens were the first to gain access to the words in its pages.

The book was released at the 2nd Annual “Let’s Talk About It” Walk, organized by Miller, which focuses on bringing awareness to mental health issues.

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UFR Presents Black Friday: A Short film On Bringing Mental Health Awareness To The Forefront Of The Black Community

A short film following Rwenshaun Miller & his fight to bring Mental Health Awareness to the forefront of the black community. Armed with his non-profit Eustress Inc, Rwenshaun takes us back to his native town in Bertie County. Where he & four young activists, spark an intimate conversation on the ills of mental health. #LetsTalkAboutIt