Rwenshaun Miller is a Mental Health Awareness Advocate.

Rwenshaun uses his personal experiences to inspire all communities to speak openly about mental health. 

Through his Let's Talk About It series, and movement, Rwenshaun aims to provide communities with resources to improve and manage mental health.

Join the Let's Talk About it movement to begin an open conversation about mental health awareness with Rwenshaun!

Each member will receive:

  • Weekly wellness tips
  • A free 45 min discovery session with Rwenshaun 
  • Access to Rwenshaun's Let's Talk About It text line
  • Discounts on Rwenshaun's mental health coaching programs
  • Discounts on Let's Talk About It Merchandise 

Coaching services:

As a coach, Rwenshaun guides his clients through an individualized program that encourages the formation of healthy habits, which make it easier to manage day-to-day mental health challenges.