Injured Reserve

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3 Life-Altering Tips You'll Learn From Reading Injured Reserve

1. How to Identify an Untreated Mental Illness
It's common for people -- even those living with a mental illness -- to not be able to identify it. In Injured Reserve, you'll learn the common signs and symptoms associated with mental illness that are often dismissed. In addition,Injured Reserve provides you with solutions and practical strategies to help someone who's facing a mental health challenge.

2. How To Save the Life of Someone You Love
Family and friends of someone who's facing a mental illness may oftentimes feel helpless in their attempt to aid their loved one. Injured Reserve provides specific insights and tips to parents, friends, and spouses on how they can support someone living with a mental illness.

3. How To Destroy Damning Mental Health Stigmas
Mental illness is a taboo subject. This cultivates a culture for suffering in silence and stigmatization of those living with a mental illness. Injured Reserve destroys the myths surrounding mental illness and equips you with the necessary knowledge and information to confidently speak about the matter to anyone.

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Rwenshaun is truly an authentic leader. His work in mental health diversifies the space, allowing more individuals to explore this option and live their best lives.
 -Mario Jovan Shaw

The level of intentionality that Rwenshaun has begun to curate for Black men to talk about mental health is liberating and edifying.
-Turner Cooper

I have personally been blessed by Rwenshaun’s spirit of advocacy, hope, and outreach.
-Tamara Baldwin Thomas, MSW, LCSWA