Telling my story is my therapy and it allows others to see that mental health is real. It affects all ages, all races, and all genders. I just so happen to be young, black, educated, and living with a mental health disorder. All these labels are just one part of me that allows me to be transparent and speak my truth. So, I’ll meet you at the office to educate your team or in the gymnasium for a school assembly.


  • Education – training for mental health professionals

  • Motivation – from middle school GYMS to corporate conferences

It's therapy turned upside down. No couches. No pen. No pad. Just a real conversation.
If you’re looking for therapy and “traditional therapy” is not for you, then meet me at the gym, a dog park, or Starbucks. Wherever makes you feel comfortable. The goal is to open up, build trust, and grow.
Let’s go!


  • One-on-One coaching

  • Group talk sessions

  • Weekly check-in


Need some accountability on your road to success? Well now you get two (for the price of one)! Brandon and I will work with you to make sure you stay on track with your goals, are embracing your greatness, and promoting Eustress in your life. We take a holistic approach, following the principals our Guide 2 Greatness, to help you get to exactly where you want to be.


  • Bi-Weekly check-up calls

  • Physical #Guide2Great Accountability Package

  • Access to Rwenshaun and Brandon with 24-Hour response time

  • Inclusion in the Be Great, Why Eustressin’ Accountability eCommunity

One in four adults – approximately 61 million Americans – experiences mental illness every year, according to a study by National Alliance on Mental Illness. This means companies, organizations and schools need to focus on mental health and wellness, not just well-being. If you’re struggling with how to implement a mental health program for company or your students, look no further.


  • AssesS well-being program

  • Survey employee needs

  • Teach HR professionals, executives, and school administration warning signs

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