Telling my story is my therapy and it allows others to see that mental health is real. It affects all ages, all races, and all genders. I just so happen to be young, black, educated and living with a mental health disorder. All these labels are just one part of me that allows me to be transparent and speak my truth. So, I’ll meet you anywhere from the middle school gym to the corporate boardroom to educate, motivate, and inspire your team.

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Mental Health Consulting

Does your company or organization need assistance with addressing mental health in the workplace?

  • Assess Well-Being program

  • Survey employee needs

  • Workshops and professional development

  • HR professionals, executives and school administration training on mental health warning signs

Mental Health Coaching

Its therapy turned upside down. No couches. No pen. No pad. Just a real conversation.

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Group talk sessions

  • Weekly Check-ins

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The Response

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For my students, they realized triggers and moments within themselves because you were so real, and created that safe space for all to share. They have all told me that they feel more empowered and less shame about expressing their emotions and sharing their real stories. 

You have not only impacted the 18 students who heard you, but their friends and families that heard about the presentation later. 

Thank you for being you and for being comfortable with being you.

Danielle Staggers, Bridges To A Brighter Future


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