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About Rwenshaun Miller

Rwenshaun Miller is an award winning psychotherapist, whose personal mission is to make a social change in how individual acknowledge, address, and treat mental health challenges. Rwenshaun is the Founder and Executive Director of Eustress Inc., a non-profit based in North Carolina. 



As a speaker before audiences at universities, athletic and government organizations, corporations, churches, professional conferences and more, Rwenshaun creates safe spaces for open and honest dialogue about mental illness. He uses his personal experience living with Bipolar Disorder to educate others and break the stigma associated with mental health challenges. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Rwenshaun helps individuals and groups address their issues with a goal of becoming mentally healthy.

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Injured Reserve
A Black Man’s Playbook To Manage Being Sidelined By Mental Illness


We are taught to seek medical attention if we experience broken bones, concussion, or even a torn ligament but we're not coached on what to do when mental illness takes us out of the game!